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What's New


Widex Senso Diva introduces high definition digital signal processing in hearing instruments.   This advanced circuitry and digital signal processing are the result of research on the characteristics of the cochlea (inner ear) and practical hearing aid experiences.  

Widex Senso Diva: 
High Definition Hearing Instruments

Diva - Fitting Rationale


Patients with sensorineural hearing loss experience loudness recruitment (reduced dynamic range) due to loss of outer hair cells. 


The degree of recruitment is frequency-dependent.


Diva provides unique gain for different frequencies and levels in 15 channels with 1/3 octave resolution.

Fitting Rationale

bulletOptimization of speech intelligibility and comfort within the patient's dynamic range bulletAudibility of weak sounds bulletNormal levels are comfortable and distinctive bulletLoud sounds are limited below patient's tolerance levels

Adjustable with Age Changes

bulletAccurate and age appropriate adjustments to fitting increases accuracy of fitting. bullet Ensures audibility of soft and normal speech to facilitate dynamic speech and language learning  bulletAllows entire range of environmental sounds to be reproduced at the desired levels in the ear canal.  bulletCan reprogram the switch function (M-MT-T-Music)

Precise Fit

bulletThresholds under earphones vary across individuals.
bulletDiva fitting protocol uses hearing instruments to produce various test signals to validate and improve the accuracy of the frequency shaping.

Noise Reduction and Speech Intensification System

bulletListening environments more comfortable
bulletLess tiring bulletProvides opportunities for communication in dynamic environments.

Limitations of Conventional Directional Microphones

bulletTraditionally, microphones in hearing instruments are not matched which results in loss of directional properties. bulletWind noise causes discomfort. bulletPatients must know when to use directional microphones: Manual switching of both instruments or accessing and using remote control.

Diva – Directional Intelligence and Diva Locator - 
Essential components:

bulletAdaptive Beamforming that ensures optimum polar characteristics regardless of noise sources. bulletOptiMic system that continually matches the two microphones’ amplitude and phase responses to maintain optimum directional effect at high and low frequencies over time.  bulletNoise Classification that ensures the optimum microphone characteristic is selected.

Performance maintained over time

bulletMaximum directional effect achieved over time. 
bulletMore consistent performance over time.

Transparency of Directional Activity

bulletConversation not disrupted as environment changes.
bulletSpeech signal optimized in noise. bulletNo sudden changes in the perception of the sound image

Wind noise reduced

Improved performance in wind noise - attenuates wind noise by 25-30 dB. 
Improvement in ease of communication in recreational activities or work in outdoor environments

Hear More without Feedback/Whistling

Feedback canceling program improves ease of use on the phone.
Insertion of earmold more pleasant
Others not annoyed with whistling instruments.

“No more barrel sound of my own voice”

bulletAmplification sounds more natural and transparent.
bulletOwn voice and chewing sounds less amplified.

Programmable Listening Programs

Instrument can be programmed with as many as four or as few as one program to optimize performance for a given patient.

bulletM – Dedicated to optimizing speech in everyday listening situations  bulletMT – Combination Mic and Telecoil  bulletT – Telecoil (not cell phones)  bulletMus – Music program – Omnidirectional without noise reduction algorithms.   

Versatile Switch Programming

bulletPrograms selected for individual.
bulletFunction of selector switch can be changed over time as lifestyle or age changes functional needs of the instruments.

Next Steps

bulletCall today to schedule your consultation with Audible Difference.  bulletIf you're from out of the Madison, Wisconsin area, call Widex toll free at 1-888-999-3779. bulletFind out if the Widex Senso Diva will work for you.

Widex web site: www.widexusa.com

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